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Program Directors

kiprs fahad
Dr. Fahad Farooq Lasi

Executive Director

Welcome to Karachi institute of Physiotherapy and rehabilitation sciences. It is an exciting time to be a physical therapist or to be looking at a career in physical therapy. There are so many opportunities in clinical practice, education and research for the physical therapist today.

Physical therapy is a dynamic profession with an established theoretical and scientific base and widespread clinical application in the restoration, maintenance, and promotion of function and movement. Physical therapists have a background in science, health care systems and human movement. They are skilled in the art of communication. We are a caring profession.

Physical therapists are licensed to practice as an individual. To be eligible, one must be a graduate of an accredited physical therapist educational program. We are pleased to have had an accredited physical therapist educational program. Offering the DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy).

The mission of our program is to prepare physical therapists who can work effectively in all environments with all types of clientele. We provide an education to meet this mission in an environment where learning is fun and comfortable. Our DPT program is a 5-year (10 semesters) full -time program. We have well qualified Post Graduate faculty members who are committed to excellence in education.

Successful Physiotherapist will prove great source of assistance to recovery and back to work for patients suffering from serious illness or injury.

I wish for all those who have choose option for admission in DPT.