Ikhlas Education – Karachi Institute of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Sciences

Ikhlas Education

The principal line of the Ikhlas Education (Pvt) Ltd. is to promote, establish, run manage and maintain, educational institutions, colleges of arts and humanities, research and development, science and technology, information technology, law, engineering, business administration, accountancy, medicine and surgery, health sciences; higher level schools, academics, technical training centers and such other educational institutions as may be considered appropriate for the promotion and advancement of education in the country with national and international affiliations.

We are also looking forward to provide consultancy services to other educational institutions, colleges, training centers and universities and to acquire the services of professors, associate professors, lecturers, teachers, administrators, managers and other professional from within the country and abroad as would be needed to run and to promote university and related educational institutions set up by the Company subject however, to the permission of competent authority but not to operate itself as a university and not to act as a degree awarding institution.